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Manor College, Galman Group Raise Nearly $40K For Ukraine Federation

Apr 14, 2022

Jenkintown-based Manor College and The Galman Group have partnered up to raise close to $40,000 for the Ukrainian Federation of America.

By Jon Campisi,

JENKINTOWN, PA — Manor College and The Galman Group have partnered up to raise nearly $40,000 that will benefit the Ukrainian Federation of America, it was announced on Monday.

Manor College, which was founded by the Sisters of Saint Basil the Great, a Ukrainian religious order, teamed up with The Galman Group, a Jenkintown-based real estate development group, after Galman Group Vice Chairman Jerry Slipakoff reached out to the school back in mid-March.

“Manor College is located right in our backyard in Jenkintown, and when we heard about all the great things they were doing to help Ukrainians, we immediately decided we would do everything we could to help out,” Slipakoff said in a statement.

Slipakoff, according to the college, has a personal connection to the people of Ukraine — he and his wife, Donna, adopted their daughter, Sophia, from Ukraine back in 2004 when the girl was just 14 months old.

“We are extremely grateful to Manor College for their commitment, and we are honored to be partners,” Slipakoff said in his statement. “We proudly stand with Ukraine and will continue to seek every opportunity to help those most in need.”

Manor College says that after war broke out in Ukraine, it officially denounced Russia’s actions, and that it is now running a website geared toward helping community members who are looking to show their support for the people of Ukraine.

“The devastation of Russia’s war with Ukraine has impacted people around the globe,” Manor College President Jonathan Peri said in a statement. “Many local Ukrainians have watched the horrific acts of daily violence against their families and friends, seeking every opportunity to help those with all means possible.”

Peri thanked the Slipakoff’s for their generosity, since the Galman Group reached out to friends, family, staff and other local residents to help support the cause with financial donations.

The real estate group had said it would match up to $15,000 in donations, a goal that ended up being achieved in less than two weeks, not long after the fundraising effort kicked off on March 15.

“We’d like to thank Jerry, Donna and The Galman Group for their generosity and support towards our efforts,” Peri stated.

Donna Slipakoff even attended Manor College, making her family’s commitment to the fundraising effort even that much more personal.

The nearly $40,000 that has been raised in the joint effort will be given to the Ukrainian Federation of America, which is a humanitarian organization that aids Ukrainians in finding safety, shelter, food and other resources during wartime.